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We are a full service communication firm within digital and paper-based marketing communication

We have more than 40 years’ experience of data-driven relationship marketing and can handle customer loyalty solutions, marketing automation, output management and production of individualised promotional materials, packaging and distribution – from idea to finished product, delivered to the customer’s physical and digital mailbox.


Our focus is on your customers

We collect data about your customers in all channels, and distribute your communications to your customers in all channels.

We aim to make things easy for our customers

We help our customers to optimise and automate their marketing communications, and we communicate with more than 100 million recipients each year across channels. As a customer, you can jump on board wherever it suits you. Our goal is always to ensure a product of high quality and a high ROI, regardless of where in the process you are.

  • Tomorrow’s communication is about getting back to basics – and being like the local grocer from the old days, who knew all his customers and their needs. It sounds simple, but it requires the right tools and solutions.

    Emilie Elmgaard Jensen, Head of Marketing, InterMail

Customer case studies

At InterMail we have different customer case studies that represent our different business areas. Some cases are customers who use us for a single service, while others choose to use us as a complete provider. Below you will find a selection of cases, but feel free to take a look at some of our other cases as well.

CASE Nordic Choice Hotels

Customer club and one-to-one communication

Nordic Choice Hotels know that when the battle for customers is fierce, it helps to bring customers closer to you through a customer loyalty programme. That’s why Nordic Choice Hotels – together with InterMail – are fully focused on optimising their customer club so the members get the best deals at the right time, while also earning bonus points every time they book accommodation.

  • "We are very pleased with our long-standing cooperation with InterMail, and we believe that also in future, InterMail will be able to help us optimise our communication"

    Jesper Larsen Wagner, VP for business development, The telecom company 3

  • "In 2007, we decided to outsource operations of our direct marketing distribution to InterMail as they have both the expertise to advise us on document management and e-invoicing as well as the actual solutions to handle the task"

    Jesper Larsen Wagner, VP for business development, The telecom company 3

CASE The telecom company 3

Reliability and precision

InterMail handles all data and processes around the Telecom company 3’s administrative and financial communications with customers in the document management and e-billing system IM Connect.

Create a unique relationship with your customers

Our customers experience great success when we work together to create customised loyalty programmes that can attract and retain satisfied customers. We typically start by identifying your customers’ customer journeys, to find out where you can give your customers the best possible value through relevant and timely communications, promotions or services. This exercise makes your customers feel relevant, which in turn creates loyal customers. We use data to give you an overview and transparency over your customers’ behaviour, needs, desires and interests – all to create relevance and to make it easy and worthwhile for your customers to be loyal towards your business.

Qualified knowledge about your customers is the best foundation for fruitful communication and good customer relations. We use the latest marketing technologies to ensure the right type of communication to the right audience at the right time, on the right platform and with the right content. If we automate this, you will also experience cost-effectiveness.

  • Successful communication requires better synergy between digital and paper-based media. We see a huge potential in combining the printed media with data on customers. This is our whole DNA.

    Anders Ertmann, CEO, InterMail

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