Privacy policy for the Relation Plus Facebook application

Privacy policy for the Relation Plus Facebook application

This page contains the privacy policy for the Relation Plus Facebook application and Relation Plus’s connection to Facebook.

Information regarding the Relation Plus core product and how it handles personal data are available through your sales representative or dedicated project manager.

Privacy Policy

Personal data from Facebook

Relation Plus does not access, collect or store any personal data from/via the Facebook API. Relation Plus does not permit any third-party companies, individuals or services connected to Relation Plus to do so via the Facebook API used for Relation Plus.

Personal data to Facebook

Relation Plus offers authenticated users (Customers) to export their CRM-contacts (internal id, first name, last name, email and mobile number) from selected audiences to Facebook as Facebook Custom Audiences.

The Customers can then use the created Facebook Custom Audiences to deliver advertisements to the audiences or to look-alike audience, on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

All information (except for the internal id) is hashed before uploading it to Facebook.

Relation Plus is acting as Data Processor for the Customers on the Relation Plus platform. Relation Plus is informing Customers of their responsibilities as Data Controllers when using Facebook custom audiences. Relation Plus is solely acting as Data Processor and consequently all decisions as to the use of the use of the Relation Plus/Facebook API for custom audiences is initiated and performed by the customer or based on customers written instructions to the data processor. Relation Plus does not collect nor does it have any responsibility for the compliance of the privacy data transferred via the Facebook API.

For more information about how Facebook handles personal data, please refer to the Facebook terms of service for Custom Audience: