Modern Archetypes – the foundation of a strong brand

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Build a strong brand with the Modern Archetypes

Did you know that brands who understand how to work with the E (Emotions) grow four times faster on average*?

Download this white paper and get the insights on how to create a strong brand by addressing the right emotions.

A versatile brand and positioning tool

Concrete workflow in 5 steps

Deep understanding of the 12 archetypes

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Take the test: Find your own archetype!

Try taking our archetype test to see which psychological archetypes describe you best. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete, and you will recieve the results straight away.

Segmentation on a deeper level

Get a better understanding of your customers

Strong brands have consistent, identifiable brand characteristics and a personality the consumer can relate and feel attached to. Brands must be human and not just speak to the consumers rational mind – also their emotions. This is important for both B2C and B2B.

Modern archetypes is a efficient tool that gives you a common understanding of how consumers are different and see the world from different perspectives. The archetypes give you a knowledge on how you stimulate the emotional part of the brain.

Along with the modern archetypes and psychological profiles occurs a deeper understanding of how the consumer communicate – and how you as a brand must communicate to build strong and engaging experiences across channels.

A method that sticks deeper then just regular segmentation and gives you to tools to relevant communication.

*Source: August 2016 Bain Consulting/Harvard Business Review:
Emotional benefits = 4 times faster growth

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