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IM Loyal is InterMail’s relationship and dialogue agency We link analyses, strategy, tactics and creative concepts together and provide advice on the digital transformation and on the choice of media and channels.

We use data to map the customer journey, and we use a combination of technology and creativity to develop an effective customer dialogue. By combining the right message with the right audience at the right time in the customer’s own chosen channel, we make communication direct and personal.


Choose just one, or grab the whole range

As our customer, you have the option to choose us as a supplier of one or more products.
We do smaller and large jobs for local, regional and global customers.

Preliminary analysis

We analyse your organisation’s readiness to deliver on your promise to your customers by providing an overview and evidence of your capacity, resources and IT capability.


We map, analyse, acquire and prioritise the most relevant data to support your customer dialogue.


We systematise knowledge, insights and resources in a strategy that creates direction, effective prioritisation and a roadmap for implementation.

Digital transformation

We help you to create your digital Centre of Excellence setup, and can advise you on how your business strategy, technology systems and marketing efforts can be better linked.

Creative strategy

We convert your business strategy into a creative approach, so you have a successful implementation and use data to develop targeted communications concepts.

Brand governance

We collect data on your customers and use a unique psychological analysis tool to define your emotional drivers. This knowledge makes it possible to work with brand governance on a whole new level.


We transform data, psychological and behavioural insights and strategy, into strong creative concepts and prepare targeted campaigns on all media.

Graphic design

We help with branding and creative design – or work from your existing design guidelines – starting from a good, creative foundation, closely linked to the creative strategy.

Media advice

Which channels should you deploy and when should you use the individual channels? We advise on the selection of target groups and media buying, and execute via relevant platforms.


We execute your campaigns across media and channels, both physically and digitally. We collect data about your customers in all channels and distribute communications to your customers in all channels.


We always follow up on your activities and analyse, draw conclusions and pass on findings and recommendations to you, so you can measure and document the impact of your marketing investments.


We give independent advice on the choice of systems, whether you’re looking at promotional management and marketing automation tools, customer loyalty or e-mail systems. We always design a solution based on your needs.

We help you all the way

If you want to know more about IM Loyal, we will be happy to help you. We will work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

It is important to us that your communication is successful. Fill out the contact form below or contact us directly on +45 3686 3333.


Strategy, analysis and design

Fulfilling the promise that you give the customer is crucial to having a credible dialogue that is genuine and equal. That’s why we attach great importance to ensuring that your organisation is properly prepared and we therefore apply a number of tools and analyses to ensure that you reach your goal. This creates value for you and for your customers.

We often find that creating a qualified foundation for genuine customer dialogue requires some degree of analysis, so we map out the need, conduct analyses, draw conclusions and prioritise, so all of these efforts together help to enrich your customer dialogue.

We systematise knowledge, insights and resources in a strategy that creates direction, effective prioritisation and an implementation roadmap – one step at a time – so we can ensure that both your organisation and your customers are on the journey together.

No budgets without evidence of effectiveness. We ensure that the basis for decision on all loyalty initiatives and the expected effects are documented through business cases, based on qualified input and our many years of experience.

Consumer understanding and strategies with unique psychological analysis models

For a company to be successful in the long run, it is important to have strong, recognisable and consistent brand characteristics, and a personality that consumers can relate to and feel attached to. Brands need to be human, and should not just appeal to consumers reasoning but also to their feelings. This applies to both B2C and B2B.

We understand how consumers communicate and develop brand strategies and creative concepts by means of psychological analysis models, computer science and the latest technologies, which are designed to engage your customers across channels.

Our unique psychological analysis model has been created in collaboration with PhD and Jungian analyst Nancy Krieger and, by recognising patterns in data, can create psychological profiles that help you understand your customers and hence how to communicate with them. A method that cuts deeper than just plain segmentation, and makes it clear to you how you can communicate not only your rational values but, most importantly, also your emotional values.

Creative concepts
from A-Z

We take an analytical view of data, customer insights and strategy and produce creative concepts that support the customer journey and your customers’ touchpoints. We adapt communication to all channels and create targeted campaigns in all media. In short, we offer everything you should expect from a dialogue agency.

Graphic design, branding, artwork and text – we take care of both small and large jobs and are just as happy working from your existing profile as we are helping to design a new visual identity.

Analysis, segmentation, target group selection and media buying

Most companies find it interesting to get more insight and knowledge about their customers, and then to use data more intelligently to create value, not only for customers but also for the company itself.

We can analyse and track user behaviour on your website or shop. We use this insight to help you develop a strategy for how your company can get maximum attention. Which channels should we execute in and when should we use each channel in the customer journey? We advise on segmentation, selection of target groups and media buying and execute via relevant platforms.

The agency IM Loyal

Jesper Vagtel Johansen

Sales Director

+45 2220 1975

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