Now InterMail is also a certified Agillic partner


Now InterMail is also a certified Agillic partner

Over the past year, InterMail has been able to announce the launch of a number of strategic partnerships. The most recent one, and one which gives us even more strings to our bow, has been entered into with Agillic.


Director of Solutions Morten Pryds is pleased with the cooperation: “Agillic is a data and calculations-based marketing automation platform that executes relevant communication across social and digital channels to the right audience. And it is simply an intelligent and well-developed system,” he explains and elaborates:

We run two of the largest customer clubs in the Nordics for our customers ourselves, and we can easily integrate those with Agillic. This will provide great synergy and value for our customers. However, you do not have to be an InterMail customer already to get an Agillic solution. Sales staff, development staff and project managers at InterMail have been through an intensive course to become certified in Agillic, so we are fully capable of delivering a standalone solution to new customers with no club – from needs analysis, strategic consulting, development, creativity, content and teaching to in-depth implementation in the client’s business.

A good match

Anders Ertmann, InterMail’s CEO, is very pleased with the new partnership: “InterMail and Agillic are a really good match. Agillic’s thinking is that “if it’s about me, I’ll buy it,” and that fits perfectly into our philosophy. We are also much more about personalised communication, rather than spray and pray, and we constantly focus on this,” he says and continues:

Finally, the partnership is also proof that InterMail’s digital transformation is continuing at full steam. Really, it is quite simple – the more intelligent systems and technology we know, the better we can help our customers in order to create positive outcomes, based on relevance. We never try to sell them something they do not need. You can still count on InterMail as an independent consultant, of course,” Anders Ertmann concludes.

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