New Head of Marketing to grow and position InterMail


New Head of Marketing to grow and position InterMail

InterMail has appointed Emilie Elmgaard Jensen as the new Head of Marketing. Emilie comes from another position at InterMail, and has previous experience in the media and communications industry where she has worked with both digital and physical communications and marketing.


InterMail is still developing rapidly, in which a robust marketing function plays an increasingly crucial role. The appointment of Emilie Elmgaard Jensen as new Head of Marketing will help to strengthen InterMail’s market position in both Denmark and Sweden.

Emilie comes from another marketing position at InterMail and has previously worked at media agency IPG Mediabrands and at Bording. She brings her experience from multiple marketing disciplines, lead generation, strategic communication, inbound marketing and content marketing. Anders Ertmann, CEO at InterMail, is excited about the marketing team ambitions: “As a B2B company, we rely heavily on our strong sales organisation, and for us, marketing is an equally important function when we need to achieve our ambitious growth targets. Our business is helping other companies with their communications, so our own marketing and communications must be of the highest quality. I am certain that Emilie, with her commercial mindset and marketing skills, is the right person for the job.”

Stronger digital skills in the management team

As Head of Marketing, Emilie also joins InterMail’s management team, which focuses on achieving InterMail’s growth targets and continuing the digital journey. “I am delighted that Emilie has accepted the new challenges as part of our management team. If we are to get our digital and paper-based business to work better together, we must have extensive expertise in both areas, and as a digital native, Emilie brings new insights and perspectives. Over the past two months we have equipped our Swedish and Danish sales departments with new digital capabilities. This requires that our marketing department is also digitally strong,” says Anders Ertmann, CEO at InterMail.

Focus on value-added marketing

As Head of Marketing, Emilie will lead InterMail’s marketing and communications, where she will set the framework for the communication strategy, branding strategy and marketing plan to grow and position InterMail in the market. “I am both pleased and proud to have the chance to work with our branding, strategic and internal communications and marketing. We have many exciting products and solutions which I look forward to marketing,” Emilie says about her new position.

Emilie has an MSc (Com.) from CBS and she has a clear ambition for how marketing should grow InterMail: “For us, it is extremely important that sales and marketing can work together. I need to be sure that the leads created in marketing are the right ones, and I can best do that through close dialogue with the sales organisation. We need to know which marketing activities create value and growth for us and put together our marketing plan in order to achieve them.”

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