InterMail strengthens its business in Sweden with a new sales director


InterMail strengthens its business in Sweden with a new sales director

With the appointment of Fredrik Fenberg as sales director for the Swedish market, InterMail strengthens its business in Sweden. The ambition is to create a greater focus on existing and new customers, who demand InterMail’s skills in relationship marketing, digital loyalty clubs and omnichannel market communication – both physically and digitally.


Expansion with strong digital skills

As sales director, Fredrik will spearhead the Swedish sales force and maintain full focus on expanding relationships with existing and new customers: “It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Fredrik Fenberg has become part of InterMail. Fredrik brings strong skills in omnichannel marketing, relationship marketing and loyalty programmes and has extensive experience in the development of customers – competences that we constantly aim to strengthen at InterMail”, CEO Anders Ertmann says.

With the addition of Fredrik’s skills to the Swedish sales force, there will be an even greater focus on sales of communications and consulting services with a digital focus. Fredrik brings great sales expertise from the Swedish market and, most recently, was responsible for the Swedish market at international Paragon Group. He has also been in charge of sales and marketing at i.a. Itslearning and JS World Media.

For some time, I have been watching InterMail, which has impressed me both in terms of its talented employees and their strong skillsets. InterMail has evolved into a full-service communications consultancy, and this is completely in line with what the market demands. So, when I accepted the position I did so with great pleasure. The company has a strong winning mentality which, combined with competent colleagues, makes InterMail a great team,” Frederik Fenberg says.

A strong foundation for growth ambitions

The strengthening which comes with Fredrik’s appointment to InterMail’s management also means an expectation of strong growth: “We have big ambitions in Sweden, and an expectation that we will achieve an annual organic growth of 5–10% and further growth through acquisitions over the coming period. Frederick’s skills will play a vital role in achieving these ambitious growth targets,” Anders Ertmann says.

“Fredrik’s extensive experience from sales organisations and in-depth knowledge of the Swedish market will help ensure increased sales. This will require an increased focus on developing existing customers and expanding the customer portfolio, a focus which we will now have through a dedicated resource in Fredrik,” Anders Ertmann concludes.

In addition to being a business economist, Fredrik Fenberg (36) has a background in media and IT, as well as years of experience in building and developing successful sales organisations in i.a. Paragon Group, Itslearning and JS World Media.

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