InterMail now in Kuala Lumpur


InterMail now in Kuala Lumpur 

With the appointment of former Action Europe employees, InterMail’s relationship and dialogue agency has added a range of strong competences to the many that were already in-house. And some of those competences are found as far away as Malaysia. CEO Anders Ertmann explains:


It’s really good for the agency to have an international presence. Of course, it’s always interesting to handle projects for global brands such as Drypers (Libero in Asia) and Hasbro – but what we learn from it is equally as interesting. Because, even though multicultural Malaysia is vastly different from the Nordic region, our solutions also work there. And if they work in both Kuala Lumpur and Copenhagen, you’re doing something right.

Asia is a growing market

Asia is the world’s most populous continent, and growth is high. So the Asian market – or perhaps it’s more accurate to say ‘markets’ – are of interest to many companies:

Asia is comprised of many different countries, but what they have in common is that most are quite advanced in terms of technology. So we can also use Asia as an innovation centre that all of our clients will benefit from,” says Anders, adding: “A good example is the profiling of visitors to websites. It’s something we’re focusing on right now that will enable our clients to take ownership of data in an entirely new way.

Our CEO Anders Ertmann is also pleased on the clients’ behalf: “The world is becoming more internationalised and connected in many ways. So it makes perfect sense that we follow our clients out into the world. And naturally it’s another important step on our journey towards becoming a full service communications agency.

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