InterMail expands its competencies and customer portfolio with strong teams from the relationship marketing agency Action Europe


InterMail is expanding its competencies and customer portfolio with strong teams from the relationship marketing agency Action Europe

The expansion is part of our growth strategy with the ambition of becoming a modern and profitable European full-service communications firm with a focus on advising clients on how to achieve optimal effect with their client communications.


“We have an ambitious five-year strategy, which means that we must strengthen and develop the existing business. Recently, we took an important step towards becoming a full-service communications firm with the establishment of the IM Loyal relationship marketing agency. We now embrace competencies in strategy, analysis and creative concepts, as well as in consulting on media choice and execution. In these respects, Action Europe is a very good strategic fit,” says Anders Ertmann, CEO of InterMail A/S. He continues:

With the addition of the bulk of the Action Europe staff, we are bringing on not only very interesting European and global customers, but we are also getting some of the industry’s most talented people with extensive experience in relationship marketing and loyalty.”

Link in digital transformation

When Anders Ertmann became CEO in August 2017, it was the beginning of a new strategy for InterMail. The company has been transformed and is now concerned with consulting, developing and producing automated solutions for omnichannel marketing communication, relationship marketing and digital loyalty clubs.

Action Europe is a Danish relationship marketing agency with clients in many countries in Northern and Central Europe and Southeast Asia. InterMail’s client list includes Santander, Intersport and Falck, among others, and is now being expanded with the addition of brands like Royal Unibrew, Astro, Essity (Libero, Drypers and Vinda) and Swedish Match.

Thomas Wagner, formerly CEO of Action Europe, also sees major synergies and opportunities arising between the two companies:

“Our companies are a very good match. InterMail is on an exciting digital journey and the development over the past year has been tremendous. This is a journey that we are very much looking forward to being a part of.”

The InterMail brand will be the cornerstone going forward – supported by the Action Europe services. Four Danish staff members from Action Europe: Thomas Wagner, Jesper Lykking, Torben Kappel and Michael Andresen continue with InterMail, along with Action Europe’s international employees from Sweden and Kuala Lumpur. This brings the IM Loyal agency up to 15 employees in total.

It’s great that we have attracted such skilled and competent employees who want to join our exciting journey. I am really looking forward to serving our existing and new customers using the strengths that we are bringing to the agency. The new employees will become a fully integrated part of our company and our offering to clients,” says Anders Ertmann, CEO at InterMail.

“We are, of course, continuously seeking opportunities to add new capabilities and clients to our business,” concludes Anders Ertmann.

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