InterMail and eMarketeer enter a new strategic partnership


InterMail and eMarketeer enter a new strategic partnership

As part of its vision of becoming the leading Nordic supplier of integrated solutions for the efficient execution of digital and marketing communications, InterMail has entered into a new partnership with the eMarketeer marketing solution.


With the new partnership, InterMail is broadening its expertise in e-mail marketing, social media and mobile marketing. Director of solutions Morten Pryds is enthusiastic about the new partnership: “eMarketeer was created on the basis of an all-in-one mindset in terms of streamlining work with leads and sales. It’s a mindset that fits well with our other products and solutions, in which we want to make it easy and accessible for our customers to optimise their marketing communications.”

The strategic partnership strengthens InterMail’s market position and creates more opportunities to offer a user-friendly and efficient tool for online marketing. “We want to be sure that our customers get the right systems and technology for their marketing and communications. By entering into collaborations with systems like eMarketeer, we can to a much greater extent advise our customers on the solution that will best suit their needs, and avoid selling them something they don’t need,” continues Morten Pryds.

An important part of InterMail’s value chain

Over the past year InterMail has announced a number of strategic partnerships, of which that with eMarketeer is the latest in the series. CEO Anders Ertmann is excited about the new partnership: “It’s important for me that InterMail continues its digital transformation in which we need to focus on personalised communications based on intelligent use of data. It is precisely these disciplines at which we excel at InterMail, where eMarketeer is an amazing tool for putting your online marketing to work.”

Here at InterMail we’re very good at creating communications solutions that strengthen our customers’ relationships with their own customers. More and more of our customers are seeking online communications solutions. The choice of technology plays an important role in the final result. That is why a strategic partnership with eMarketeer fits nicely with our overall value chain and services,” concludes Anders Ertmann.

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