Another strong profile in InterMail’s digital department


Another strong profile in InterMail’s digital department

Communication house InterMail is boosted by another competent profile as Michael Andresen joins the digital department. Michael is a great asset for several major projects, as he possesses both a high-level technical knowledge and strong project management skills.


Morten Pryds, InterMail’s Director of Solutions, is delighted to welcome Michael Andresen to his team of developers “Michael has extensive expertise in digital marketing and automation. This combined with his broad experience of development, production and secure project management, and you have a really strong resource to draw on.”

A wide range of skills

And this wide range of skills is no understatement: Michael Andresen is both a superuser in Adobe Cloud software and has an in-depth understanding of systems and platforms, including Agillic, Adobe Experience Cloud, Apsis etc. He is also a master of HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, XML, SEO and SEM. Michael Andresen also has extensive experience of responsive frameworks, such as Zurb foundation, Pure, Bootstrap and Skeleton.

It’s great having someone like Michael on your team,” says Tomas Vindeløv and continues: “As the saying goes, when you have a hammer, everything else just looks like a nail. But Michael has so many different things in his toolbox that he is able to spot several solutions to one problem. That’s a big strength to have – and great news for InterMail and our customers. The fact that he’s also a pleasure to work with, thanks to his positivity, initiative and structure, is just an added bonus. ”

Looking forward to more exciting projects

Michael Andresen is equally delighted to join InterMail: “I feel like I am exactly where I should be. At InterMail we have many exciting customers and partners, and we are good at getting everything to work together.  It’s a great environment, which has plenty of the kind of work I’m passionate about.”

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