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From traditional print and enveloping to marketing automation – with a vision of becoming the best choice for air travel with the industry’s most satisfied customers, relevant offers and duty-free sales play a significant role for the almost 23 million travellers that Thomas Cook Airlines flies to their holidays and business trip destinations.

Thomas Cook Airlines’ challenge

In September 2015, when Thomas Cook Airlines decided to start a collaboration with InterMail, the challenge involved sending their duty-free catalogue out to customers across the entire Nordic region, the UK, and Germany. This included printing the accompanying letter, order sheet, and return envelope, as well as enveloping or foiling the catalogue itself. And, on top of that, optimising the postage costs.

Before the collaboration with InterMail, Thomas Cook Airlines ran the processes through an in-house developed IT solution, with limited options for using customer data – everyone received a one-size-fits-all standard letter.

At the same time, Thomas Cook Airlines wanted a more future-proof and scalable solution so that going forward they would be able to communicate on a more individual and personal level with the customers. Thomas Cook Airlines has large amounts of data stored on their customers, and they want to use transaction and behavioural data more proactively in the form of trigger-based and personalised communication, where offers are customised for the individual customers based on past behaviour and interests.

  • InterMail won the tender, as we could see that they were capable of both resolving the here-and-now tasks and at the same time helping us get started with marketing automation, allowing us to communicate in a more personal and differentiated manner with our customers

    Helle Kjær, Marketing Manager, Thomas Cook Airlines

Our solutions

InterMail receives all data on Thomas Cook Airlines’ customers on a daily basis, and via InterMail’s Output Management solution, data is sorted by address, and text and contents such as, for example, offers, can then automatically be put together and merged for the individual customer – who then receives a far more personal and relevant communication from Thomas Cook Airlines in connection with their upcoming journey.

Additionally, everything is printed, packed, and foiled and made ready for shipping. InterMail sorts by address, and together with Thomas Cook Airlines, they choose the right distributor.

The collaboration is still in its early stages, so Thomas Cook Airlines does not have a full overview of precisely how much money they are saving on postage per year, but the potential is substantial!

The future

Going forward, Thomas Cook Airlines will become capable of accessing the system and working even more proactively and with more automation with their data and the knowledge about the travellers. Beyond this, it will also strengthen Thomas Cook Airlines’ position relative to advertisers both at the airport and at the destination, as they will also have the opportunity to reach the travellers with relevant offers before they arrive.


“In the future, we will be capable of increasing both sales, additional sales, and cross-sales for the customers before, during, and on the way home from their journeys. We know, for example, that if we send a fragrance sample with our catalogue, the sale will increase by 700% for that fragrance, and when it becomes possible for us to segment on a one-to-one basis, we can, for example, send sunscreen samples to families with children and tour descriptions to our senior travellers.”

About Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines is part of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines and have around 100 modern passenger planes at their disposal, and this makes it one of the world’s leading providers of vacation travel. In the Nordic region, Thomas Cook Airlines works closely with Spies in Denmark, Ving in Sweden and Norway, and Tjäreborg in Finland. Thomas Cook Group currently employs approximately 28,000 people, including 1,000 in Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.


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