The DIY chain BAUHAUS wants to provide the absolutely widest selection of products in the industry at low, competitive prices and to deliver effective customer service.

The challenge

The challenge has partly involved getting to know the customers even better in order to create relevant communication, and partly involved linking credit offers with advantages, discounts, and special deals. At the same time, the CRM department is run by just one person, making it a requirement that the comprehensive loyalty-creating solution should be both simple and easy to manage and have good access to support.

  • A simple and easy to manage loyalty system with the best possible personal support. InterMail is like an extension of my arm that helps me operate the BAUHAUS customer club

    Anna Gustafsson, CRM Manager, BAUHAUS

The solution

The CRM tool RelationPlus from InterMail was implemented in 2015 in the existing BAUHAUS card. The BAUHAUS card is a credit card without fees in collaboration with Resurs Bank, and it offers bonuses and membership advantages to the customers. Members are recruited via the BAUHAUS card for the BAUHAUS bonus programme via stores and the homepage. This way, all customer data is gathered in RelationPlus. At the same time, RelationPlus is a campaign-driven CRM solution integrated with the various BAUHAUS communication channels.

The result

Anna Gustafsson, CRM Manager at BAUHAUS: “I’m very grateful for this loyalty solution, because I am running the tool on my own and with such a large customer database. BAUHAUS has gained much more knowledge about our customers and their behaviour, and this allows us to work smarter and adjust our marketing to greater effect. We are a large company, but I’m the only one working with CRM issues. I greatly appreciate that RelationPlus is a simple and easy comprehensive solution that I can manage on my own. But the best part is the personal assistance and the support I get from Helena, Magnus, and Per from InterMail. They are committed to our business. This commitment applies to support for development questions, analysing customer data as well as the daily tasks such as sending files for bonus releases. Helena from InterMail might just as well be an employee here at BAUHAUS.

  • A really great comprehensive solution for BAUHAUS’ CRM work that allows me to focus on markets and campaigns

    Anna Gustafsson, CRM Manager, BAUHAUS

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