“The magazine helps us do something digital channels can’t”

31 July 2019

“The magazine helps us do something digital channels can’t”

We talked to Emil Bacos from HeadBrands. He explains why, in 2019, it still makes a lot of sense to publish a customer magazine.


HeadBrands can deliver everything that a hairdresser needs to operate their salon – from barber chairs and professional hair dyes to the hair wax the customers buy to take home with them. Emil Bacos, project manager at HeadBrands, tells us why a printed customer magazine plays an important role in their marketing mix:

“We are present in many digital channels. In addition to our website and webshop, hairdressers can obviously follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and they can subscribe to our newsletter. But around four times a year, we also publish our own magazine, as that allows us to accomplish several things that digital media cannot.”

Reach the audiences that are hard to reach

When Emil Bacos talks about what a printed magazine can do, the possibility of reaching some difficult audiences is the first thing he points to:

“We have a large spread in our target group. From the hairdresser who runs a salon from their private home to salons with many chairs in big cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen. With HEADBRANDS MAGAZINE, we reach both modern customers who have opted out of digital marketing – and the elderly, who do not spend time on social media.”

But that’s not all. Another advantage is that the magazine can be used to target prospects, i.e. new leads: “You’re not allowed to send unsolicited digital marketing to people – that’s spam – but we are allowed to send a magazine, and very few people mind that. At the same time, it serves as a very nice door opener for our salespeople. It works well, when we introduce new products and promotions.”

Helps strengthen the brand too

One last thing we should not forget is the brand-building power: “A single printed magazine can be seen by many hairdressers, and with its gorgeous layout and quality of execution, it shows that HeadBrands is a serious business. It strengthens our brand,” Emil Bacos explains.

Anders Preuss is an account manager at InterMail, and he is also pleased with the collaboration. “HEADBRANDS MAGAZINE is published in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish, and we print all editions, address and foil them and ensure that they are sent out. This all happens very quickly so that the magazine can be relevant and current,” he says.

If you want to know more about the possibilities which come with printed magazines – including how they can interplay with your other media, allowing you to do multichannel marketing – you are always welcome to contact Anders Preuss.

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