Power your data and create real-time results

26 April 2019

Power your data and create real-time results

You are probably collecting quite a lot of data about your users, but do you use it for anything?  Here, Thomas Wagner explains how you can use data to create results – and in real time.


Perhaps you are already collecting, storing and synchronising data from CRM, marketing automation, DMP, APIs, your shop and more – but are you benefitting enough from it? That is, in real time, while the customer is taking an interest in you and your business. If not, perhaps it’s time to power your data.

What does powering your data mean?

Most companies collect data about their customers, but often it is only used in what might be called a historical report: We had x number of visitors who spent y and z amounts of time on our page – that kind of thing.

This is a pity, as the opportunity to do much more is actually there. When you power your data, you go from the historic report to unfolding your brand in real time. This means, for example, that you can present your visitors with targeted offers – rather than giving them all the same, generic message. This way, you can increase the probability that a visit will turn into a purchase. But how do you do that? That is what the next section is about.

A three-stage rocket

Before you can power your data, there are several steps which need to be taken. The good news is that you have probably taken some of these steps already. Because, as always, the starting point is the customer journey.

The first step is to get a handle on customer journeys. If you have not done this already, we can help you with that as well, of course.

The next step is moving from unknown to known customers. Here, the humble cookie is your loyal companion. On all your own channels – website, webshop, YouTube channel, Instagram etc. – there must be a cookie which allows you to identify and collect data about each customer. Perhaps you are already doing this.

The third step is to use the collected data. Perhaps you are already doing this through a marketing automation program. That is very good, but perhaps you are missing an extra trick. You see, more than 95% of the people who come into contact with your brand are, in fact, anonymous to you. But that does not mean that you cannot target communication at them.

Get more visitors to convert

Even if you do not know the name of a potential customer, you can still identify them. Of course, you do not know the customer’s name, but you know the customer’s interests – and that is at least as good. Now, there is only one last step. A small piece of code – a so-called overlay.

At InterMail, we have developed one of these. It is a flexible solution that can interact with all kinds of other solutions, such as your webshop. The overlay retrieves information about your now-known customer, and on this basis manages the messages which are shown, so that they become much more personal. It can control everything from texts to the display of products and prices. Results are more relevant to the customer, so the likelihood of a purchase is increased significantly. And, in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Would you like an overview of the options for creating individual customer journeys across channels by powering your data? Then feel free to get in touch – directly and in real time.

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