Just because the products are digital, the marketing doesn’t have to be

25 March 2019

Just because the products are digital, the marketing doesn’t have to be

Based on our customer, the Danish telecom company YouSee, Jesper Vagtel Johansen explains why physical DM still has its place in 2019. It’s all about ROI.

Direct mails can still do the magic

At InterMail, we have had more and more customers coming to us asking for physical campaigns. They find that it’s the physical that sells. One of these customers is YouSee. And having direct mail as part of their media mix is definitely not just based on a gut feeling. They have tested DM and achieved good results.

ROI of 4

In a Christmas campaign to existing customers, YouSee sent letters and emails containing the exact same messages. The two groups of recipients had similar demographic profiles, so the results could be usefully compared. And the split showed some interesting results:

For example, more than 25% more people read the physical direct mail, and the letters produced more than twice as much interest. And perhaps the most interesting result: “The letters produced an ROI of 4, which is significantly more than we achieved using email. All in all, it was a great and very relevant campaign“. This comes from Lars Glade, department manager at YouSee.

Effectiveness above all

Despite the results speaking for themselves, YouSee don’t always find themselves understood at agencies. “Some people look at us as though we’re from the stone age when we ask for DM,” says Stine Rydberg from YouSee, and continues: “but just because our products are digital doesn’t mean that all our marketing has to be – for us, it’s just about what sells most effectively.”

I completely agree with this opinion. Media choice is not a question of for and against, or either/or. At InterMail, for example, we have long been advising people that it can make perfect sense to combine physical direct mail with digital follow-up. In short, you should be aware of your media choices when you want to communicate with customers. What is it that works? And, sometimes, the magic happens when there’s interplay between the physical and the creative.

If you want to know more about DM, feel free to contact me – whether you want to know about creative options or how you can measure their effects.

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