How do you earn your loyalty?

1 April 2019

How do you earn your loyalty?

Loyalty is a popular word in the world of customer clubs. Of course, everyone wants loyal customers. But loyalty is not something you just get; loyalty has to be earned.  This is easier said than done, but at InterMail, we know what it takes. It is really all about something which is completely obvious. Every human being is unique.

Give customers the right attention

My experience is that – due to lack of time, resources, or in some cases, understanding and knowledge – a lot of people run their customer clubs merely as convenient channels through which they can distribute more or less generic communication to selected target groups in a simple and inexpensive way. At best, this can be seen as targeted mass communication. In order to make customers stay, they offer various kinds of incentives – simply put, you might say that they are buying a contact list. This is bought loyalty. In this model, customers are treated as wallets – and of course, they behave in a corresponding manner. As soon as they get a better offer from a competitor, they will take it. Why wouldn’t they?

True loyalty requires genuine involvement

At their core, all good products or services are solutions to various problems. All businesses thrive on selling solutions – even a beautiful silk scarf is a fulfilment of a need.

Every human being is unique. It is important not to forget this. The number of problems to solve is infinite. For this reason, sending out universal communications or trying to buy loyalty using generic incentives won’t do when, instead, you can actually take a genuine interest in customers’ needs. All customers want to see their unique needs met. They do not want to have products they don’t actually need palmed off on them, just because the company needs to sell them. When a customer enters a physical shop, no one would dream of trying to sell them whatever comes to mind – you would start, of course, by asking what the customer is looking for. It is about respect and common sense.

Treat everyone differently – it’s all about respect

When a company reaches out and asks “do you want to join our club?”, as a customer, one thinks that this is actually personal. One thinks that the company will now see one’s actual needs. And today, now that technology has made 1:1 communication so simple and easy to manage, there are no excuses anymore. It is time for everyone to start treating their customers as uniquely as the customers actually are. It is like any relationship. It costs energy and commitment. Without giving, you get nothing back. At InterMail, we believe that genuine loyalty work which is rooted in a customer club is about seeing people’s unique needs and trying to solve their unique problems. It is pretty obvious really. Genuine loyalty arises from respect.

Variety is attraction

When people who have been married for a long time are asked what their secret is, a common answer is that they have fun together. That they do new things together, they dare to challenge the boredom of routine. This actually applies to all relationships, even those between a company and a customer. Attraction is built over time by both parties daring to surprise each other! Daring to be alive in the relationship. We believe that a client relationship should be as vivid as a romantic relationship or a friendship. If you achieve a quality like this, it is hard to be ousted by just lower prices. This is actual, genuine loyalty. And that is something worth pursuing. We know how. We have the technological tools and the strategic and creative skills to achieve it.

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