Did you know that only 1% of your visitors become customers?

20 June 2019

Did you know that only 1% of your visitors become customers?

99 out of 100 visitors leave the typical online store without buying anything. If you want to become a better e-tailer, read on as Ann-Lee Teilmann introduces some major news: IM SiteEffect.


If we were just as bad customers in brick & mortar stores as we are online, shop assistants would hardly bother asking if we needed any help. In most cases, the conversion rate from visitor to customer is almost shockingly bad. Just look at the model:

These are numbers that demand a reaction. For every 100 of your visitors, only 5 of them put anything in the basket, and just 1 ends up actually completing the purchase. (Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t something I made up. They come from Nordic e-commerce’s benchmark.)

The takeaway is that you need to take firm action to increase your conversion rate. It makes almost no sense to run expensive campaigns to get more visitors if 99% of them still don’t buy anything.

There are several ways to optimise your conversion rate. Some are well known, others completely new. Today, I’m going to introduce you to one of the newest ways. It’s called IM SiteEffect, and although I might be a little biased because we developed it here at InterMail, I just can’t keep news like this to myself.

Online store automatically adjusts to customer behaviour

The basic idea behind IM SiteEffect is, of course, that you can sell to your customers better when you know who they are and what they are interested in – by going from unknown to known.

IM SiteEffect is a self-learning intelligent algorithm that is installed as an add-on or overlay on your existing platform. The algorithm, which is of course GDPR-compliant, identifies a visitor’s interests by analysing their digital behaviour in the online store – and here comes the really clever part:

When IM SiteEffect has completed its analysis (which takes place very quickly), the online store is adjusted to show the merchandise and categories the visitor will be most interested in based on their user behaviour.

That means you don’t have to be a member of a loyalty club or registered on the customer database to get relevant, targeted offers instead of more or less random offers of merchandise in which an average visitor has shown interest. And relevant, targeted offers naturally move more merchandise than an utter shambles of an online store.

Get to know your own business

IM SiteEffect can not only help you to move more goods, it can also give you valuable insight into your business so that you can continuously optimise your online store. If, for example, a product is often shown without it leading to a sale, its price may need adjusting. That kind of data is valuable.

You are also welcome to call me for a free demonstration. But don’t delay – because right now, 99% of your visitors are leaving your online store without buying anything.

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